More devo or less devo?

It is likely, therefore, that the UK Government will retain the key powers indefinitely and devolve only cautiously. It seems unlikely that the UK Government will transfer them all back or that the Welsh proposal for joint policymaking will be adopted.

More powers yes, higher taxes no

“Scots are only slightly more egalitarian than people in England, while support for redistribution has declined across the UK. People will pay for specific services, notably health, but are not keen on redistribution. They want more powers for Scotland but are less keen on different policies or taxes.”

Scotland shakes up the Brexit cards

The Remain and Leave campus are neck-and-neck in the run-up to the June 23 EU referendum so where does that leave Scotland – and Nicola Sturgeon’s on-off desire for #indyref2 in the event of a vote for Brexit? Four scenarios set out here…

Smith and Juncker: Scotland’s EU agenda

Two thirds of Scots, polls tell us, will vote to stay in the EU. Scotland’s stance pre-EUref is more positive but Cameron calls the shots. Yet the new post-Smith powers could enable Holyrood to deal with the most contentious issue – free movement and migration – in a more social way.

Scotland’s heightened role in the EU renegotiation process

Some time in the next two years, Scots will face another referendum, on whether the United Kingdom should remain in the European Union. This issue has become deeply entangled with the question of Scotland’s place in the United Kingdom. Last year’s referendum was about independence-in-Europe and since the 1980s the EU has provided a vital […]