The first Sceptical Scot public debate

This would have beenl the first of a Sceptical Scot series exploring what kind of Scotland we are and want to become…What kind of Scotland we become tomorrow requires a clear and honest look in the mirror today. Come and help us shine a light by taking part in an open, generous and non-partisan conversation.

Gold standard for Scottish education?

Nicola Sturgeon, we know, has chosen her experienced deputy John Swinney to spearhead improvements to the Scottish education system over the next five years. But, argues an independent school head, writing in a personal capacity, there’s more to fix than the (narrowing) attainment gap.

Diary of a social media junky

Social media all too often create a “cacophonous crescendo of confusion” among writers and audience alike. Loki, who’s sometimes sworn to go off it, takes a wry look at himself (and others) as he reaches out to the “community” (?) via tweets and FB posts and the like.

Scotland’s economy in the EU

Scottish voters will supposedly deliver a resounding vote for Remain in the June 23 referendum on UK membership of the EU. Yet, a leading economist reveals, the country’s economy is not as positively integrated in Europe as its people.

The Sun, the SNP and a new Scotland

Politicians are in the game of professional cynicism, argues Loki in his latest philippic. Posing with and for The Sun goes with the territory. Yet we were promised a new politics in Scotland, not the same old kowtowing to lobbies. The SNP needs to keep its radical fire-power.