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Hard Brexit lessons for US Democrats

“Hard Brexit, soft Brexit, Brexit over easy on rye, nobody’s quite sure what they ordered.” But the US is facing a similar binary choice to that of the EU referendum when they elect a new president in November: Clinton or Trump.



So what’s so bad about being a Trotskyist?

Though there is fierce disagreement about the extent of any Marxist revolutionary incursion into Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour there is less dispute – for both his supporters and opponents – that it is bad news. For most, it seems, Trotskyists are simply beyond the pale, distinguished by an unmistakeable whiff of sulphur. But why, exactly?


A toothless Holyrood gains a molar

“The implicit argument that the Scottish Parliament would be just as crap in an independent Scotland as it is now and almost no-one cares is poor. Or, to put it in terms of the standard of partisan debate on twitter: shitey whataboutery might make you feel good in a tweet, but it won’t win you any votes in the next referendum.” Nicola listened: an update!

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Police Scotland and failing parliamentary oversight

‘Police Scotland’s problems are by no means wholly reducible to parliamentary process. Still, it seems fair to suggest that the manner in which the Bill proceeded through the Scottish Parliament has not helped matters.’ Taking PLOs (ministerial aides) off committees does not alter the lack of proper scrutiny/partisan politics rather than acting in the public interest.



Poetry with a European twist in Portree

“For when it comes down to it, this, for me, is what it is all about. Hope for the future – as long as mountains stand and rivers run – lies in our interconnectedness. Across islands, countries, continents and generations.” Skye poetry prompts a human affirmation across continents.


Standup and deliver: backstage gossip beyond the Fringe

Looking at the rapidly evolving comedy culture, Fay Young tiptoes behind the Fringe scenes to eavesdrop on backstage gossip between comedians Susan Morrison and Bruce Morton: ‘Well, that was a bit shit,’ remembers Bruce, recalling his badly misjudged session when, ‘flushed with success’ – and a few pints – from a previous gig he took up the challenge of an open mic in the Pleasance.


Media bloodbath a’comin

“The baby boomers’ stranglehold is broken. Let’s break the rules. Open shit up. The mainstream media is so closed to young people. Hand it over to the kids.” Shane Smith on the turbulent media times of merger an d consolidation ahead.

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No evidence for good policy-making by soundbite

‘Instead of policy issues we were presented with one of two questions. Either “the minister wants to do this, can you provide evidence to show it is a good thing?” Or “the minister wants to do this, can you help us kill it off?”’ The DHI director on the rush from evidence into the dark world opf politics….

Still time for MPs to overturn Brexit

“Had the referendum been a court case, there would surely be a re-trial scheduled already.” The public was singularly ill-informed when it went to the poills in the June 23 EU referendum. Time for MPOs to reassert the primacy of parliamentary democracy.