Don’t count on more powers post-Brexit

“If the UK Parliament, as part of the UK government’s ‘Great Repeal Bill’ measure, decides it wishes to amend the Scotland Act to specify that all, or some, of the powers returned from the EU will be reserved to Westminster, it has the power to do that.”

Poking Scotland in the eye on the EU

“The behaviour of May and her Brexit lackeys Davis, Fox and especially Johnson have won her few friends in Brussels, while Sturgeon’s smoother approach has started to pay dividends there and in Berlin too.”

Time to reject May’s absurd adventurism

“The notion that it ought to be the people who are sovereign, rather than parliament, has a long and proud history in Scotland.” “Scotland can either stick with the result of the 2014 referendum or it can respect the result of the 2016 referendum. It cannot do both.”

Sturgeon’s confederal Brexit solution

“Maybe, like Theresa May, she’s (Nicola Sturgeon) gradually realising that what party zealots want and the country needs are not the same. So perhaps her opponents should not be mocking her political incoherence, but encouraging her to edge closer towards a solution the majority of Scots might sign up for.”

A new-style Scottish foreign policy

“There would be six EU members with a population less than Scotland. Size is only one factor in foreign policy. Ideas, principles, commitment, talent and domestic support are more important. Scotland does not lack in any of the above.” Top foireign policy wonk on the post-#indyref2 prospects

Sturgeon’s fantasy plan for Brexit

“The ruling Scottish politicians could play a major role in ensuring Brexit is as least damaging as possible and even be delayed or attenuated. But this surreal Sturgeon proposal which will have zero impact in Brussels or any European capital shows that the SNP has yet to learn how to speak and act European.”

Indyref1 and Brexit: Lessons for America

“Or we can stand up and try, at least try to build a better world. Instead of looking for a man on a horse to save us or for walls to keep us apart, we can look to our better angels.” Chef Anthony Bourdain sets out the stakes now and in future.

Single market route to home rule

“We are going to put forward proposals, that we would hope that the UK Government would be prepared to listen to, that would allow Scotland to preserve its place in the single market and preserve aspects of its relationship with the EU.” Nicola Sturgeon opts for post-Brexit Home Rule – indy comes later…

Hidden story behind Scotland’s art

‘Scotland invented Highlandism because its own culture had been ignored by London and suppressed by many leading Scots in the years after Union. Rejecting it is siding with Irvine Welsh’s Rent Boy in Trainspotting saying “it’s shite being Scottish”.’