Trump: a silver lining for progressives?

“Trump’s triumph comes with a silver lining. It demonstrates that we are at a crossroads when change is inevitable, not just possible. But to ensure that it is not the type of change that humanity suffered from in the 1930s, we need movements to spring out and to forge a Progressive International to press passion and reason back into the service of humanism.”

Hard Brexit lessons for US Democrats

“Hard Brexit, soft Brexit, Brexit over easy on rye, nobody’s quite sure what they ordered.” But the US is facing a similar binary choice to that of the EU referendum when they elect a new president in November: Clinton or Trump.

Strange death of Labour – and the SNP?

Where do radical reformist voters go these days? Labour is a spent force – and the re-election of Jeremy Corbyn will not bring with it a policy agenda worthy of the name. Here a SNP voter laments this and the fact that the SNP lacks reforming zeal. So far.

Toxic Tories kept in the attic

Ruth Davidson and her 30 MSPs are smiling. But the Tories are not yet secure as the main opposition party. Having fought off the LibDems for third place in the early years of devolution, they have still to convincingly replace Labour as Scotland’s second party.