About Sceptical Scot


Welcome to Sceptical Scot, Scotland’s premier non-tribal forum for passionate, informed debate.

These pages are for all who care about Scotland’s future, regardless of how they vote: for party, independence/union, EU/Brexit. Sceptical Scot aims to provide a forum that is both broader and deeper than current online/print offers with a rich diet of well-researched, polemical, thought-provoking writing.

Why ‘Sceptical Scot’? Because none of us can lay claim to absolute truth, and all policies and proposals need to be subjected to enlightened, sceptical scrutiny and investigation.

We welcome contributions that focus on issues affecting Scotland regardless of its constitutional arrangements and that are truly international in scale. These might include the nature of modern democracy, the question of identity and national character, inequality and fairness, globalisation and de-industrialisation, the future of work, localism and cross-border collaboration, migration and ageing, the empowering role of the state, the role and future of media in a devolved country – and, not least, the impact of climate change and loss of biodiversity on the economics and politics of the world we, as humans, share with other species.

Editorial Board

Our Editorial Board consists of journalists, activists and commentators from both sides of the Yes/No divide – and beyond. We have no axe to grind, though we welcome those who have, so long as they do so with good will, wit and without rancour – and above all with knowledge and understanding for us all to share. Sceptical Scot is funded by the Editorial Board and other unpaid volunteers.

David Gow (Editor)

David Gow is also editor of Social Europe and a former European Business Editor and Germany Correspondent at The Guardian. He  contributed to The Red Paper on Scotland (1975). He co-wrote Basta! An end to austerity politics (2013). He lives in Scotland and France.

Lucy Hunter Blackburn

Lucy Hunter Blackburn is a freelance writer and researcher specialising in student funding.  She is currently also a postgraduate student at the University of Edinburgh.  She has 20 years’ experience of working in public policy, including a decade in senior positions in the civil service in Scotland.

Jackie Kemp

Jackie Kemp is a journalist and commentator based in Scotland. She has a Huffington Post blog and a website www.jackiekemp.scot. Follow her on Twitter @jackiekemp. In 2012, she created an anthology of her father Arnold Kemp’s journalism Confusion to Our Enemies: Selected Journalism of Arnold Kemp 1939-2001 (NWP).

David McAllister

David McAllister is a designer and writer from Edinburgh. He holds a Bachelor of Design in Graphic Design from Gray’s School of Art, Aberdeen, and is currently undertaking an MA in Visual Communication at the Royal College of Art, London.

Tony O’Donnell

Tony O’Donnell has recently returned to Edinburgh from Brussels, where he worked for the both the European Commission and Parliament. He was previously a BBC and news agency journalist and is also a former Health Service psychologist.

Justin Reynolds

Justin Reynolds is a designer and writer formerly of Edinburgh, recently returned from a year in Israel, now living in East Anglia.

Bob Tait

Bob Tait advocated links between the Scottish left and social-democratic nats in Gordon Brown’s The Red Paper on Scotland (1975) and was a member of the breakaway SLP. He edited Scottish International then worked as an educationalist.

Fay Young

Fay Young is a writer and editor with special interest in arts and the environment, both natural and manmade.