Where does Scottish writing go from here?

“Nasty Women will showcase a wide array of female voices, many of them new writers, focusing on intolerance and inequality to cover everything from Trump’s America to pregnancy. Like Freight, the arrival of 404 Ink is a sign that when we talk about cutting-edge Scottish publishing, the small publishers are increasingly defining the scene.”

2017 and the idea of utopia

Billed as a year of imagination and possibility to mark the 500th anniversary of Thomas More’s Utopia, 2016 didn’t quite work out that way. 2017, the centenary of the Russian Revolution, offers another opportunity to consider the meaning and value of the idea of utopia.

Brace yourself for Burns mit Beethoven

“But we are being untrue to the great man if we don’t acknowledge that his songs first appeared to his own public in this (posh) way. We ought to pause and appreciate them for what they are.” How Rabbie wrote for the Scottish 1% of his day.