Mayism or Maybe not

Theresa May promises a post-Brexit Britain that will be unfettered, united in joint enterprise, thriving – and fair for those able and lucky enough to thrive in it. How does she intend to get us where she wants us?

The triumph of Trumpocracy

Trump’s trriumph “portends the imminent destruction or disabling of the institutions on the Hill, both Senate and Congress, and the marginalisation – to the point of irrelevance or puppetry – of NGOs and institutions of civil society, including unions, that could provide advocacy and protection for many sections of the population.”

Aberdeen misses the boat in the oil boom

Nicola Sturgeon and David Cameron have rushed to Aberdeen to pledge financial support to surmount the oil industry slump. But the city was never given the tools to benefit fully from the boom, argues the Aberdeen-based author. It now needs a change in Scotland’s political culture to make the transition.

Istanbul: epic in its details

Orhan Pamuk tells the epic story of Istanbul, scene of many of his previous books, over the past four decades as it grows into one of the world’s mega-cities and Turkey becomes a major global player.

Why centre parties have lost their way

In electoral democracies generally, the traction and attraction of the main parties of the centre-left and centre-right have diminished so much that they struggle to maintain a grip on power, let alone dominate and swap power between them as they did from the 1950s to the noughties of this century.