The first Sceptical Scot public debate

Join us for a panel discussion at the Traverse Theatre on 25 April about the future of social democracy, healthcare, income equality and education.

Chaired by David Bell, economics professor at Stirling University, featuring rapper and columnist Darren ‘Loki’ McGarvey, public policy specialist Jo Armstrong, social policy expert Maggie Mellon and technology entrepreneur, Ian Ritchie.

We are delighted that Edinburgh Makar, poet Christine de Luca will also join us to help us cast off for the evening. Christine is one of the foremost contemporary poets in Scotland.

This would have been the first of a Sceptical Scot series exploring what kind of Scotland we are and want to become. Going beyond the constitutional debate to explore the core issues of what makes a good society and what we mean by a fairer Scotland. What kind of Scotland we become tomorrow requires a clear and honest look in the mirror today. Come and help us shine a light by taking part in an open, generous and non-partisan conversation.

25 April


Tickets available on the Traverse website online here.


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