Stupid and energetic: Trump’s dangerous mix

“Simply standing together in peaceful solidarity as we did on Saturday is a start. And perhaps the best thing now, for those who oppose Trump just now, might be to hang around under the trees and keep our powder dry.” As protests mount globally against Trump’s Muslim ban, here’s a view from Boston, Mass.

Indyref1 and Brexit: Lessons for America

“Or we can stand up and try, at least try to build a better world. Instead of looking for a man on a horse to save us or for walls to keep us apart, we can look to our better angels.” Chef Anthony Bourdain sets out the stakes now and in future.

Did England stumble, losing its way?

Reflections on a journey home to Scotland: “As well as being concerned for Scotland, I feel sad for England. If England has lost its way, if it has stumbled and may fall, if there is a battle afoot for its soul, then I don’t want for Scotland to view this merely as a good time to kick it in the crown jewels.”

Hard Brexit lessons for US Democrats

“Hard Brexit, soft Brexit, Brexit over easy on rye, nobody’s quite sure what they ordered.” But the US is facing a similar binary choice to that of the EU referendum when they elect a new president in November: Clinton or Trump.

Boris: Don Quixote reincarnated

On reading newspapers in English and French while lazing by the pool or in the cafe – and turning to Cervantes and his rueful knight who bears an uncanny resemblance in his manners to arch-Brexiteer and new foreign secretary BoJo.

The Lady in Red

Scotland has spoken. We don’t want to leave the EU and why should we? Go on yersel, England, into your cod Shakespearean tragedy. I’m with Nicola.

Curriculum for Excellence – or dumbing down?

Cameron Wyllie reported here (see above) of a surge in parents seeking private education for their offspring at S3 level because of their concerns over the flagship Curriculum for Excellence. Already independent schools dominate modern language teaching. What next: sciences too?