The Sceptical Scot Christmas Quiz, 2015

This is no GCHQ brain-teaser. It’s nowhere near as difficult as the King Williams College (IoM) quiz in The Guardian. It’s simply a wee test of how alert you are in the festive season – and were during the past year. A bit of frivolous fun for all the family…

1) Who is Silvie? What is she?

2) Who became the youngest maiden after 350 years?

3) Why did 35 cause a trying national disappointment?

4) Who were some of the greats to whom Scotland said goodbye: a Gaelic singer, a novelist , a former Lib Dem leader and a political commentator?

5) Whose stormy passing got a very apposite name for the first time?

6) Whose bitch got a publishing deal for a children’s book?

7) Which Noble scientist got a very old medal prize for a rather small discovery?

8) Which little brother led the way to a smashing victory?

9) Which train arrived on time, after a delay of 46 years?

10) Sorry, What do you mean? Where are you now? Which questioning comeback kid announced a visit to Glasgow?

11) Which river crossing celebrated a big birthday with fireworks in 2014, but ended 2015 extremely quietly?

12) Scotland’s Tsunami at the General Election left just three constituencies not represented by SNP MPs at Westminster. Which are the constituencies?

13) Where were the tracks of some very big Jurassic tourists found?

14) Who played the pipes, rode a tank, ate an ice-lolly and adjusted Jim Murphy’s tie?

15) Which Janeite loves US Mail, Simon The Good, and caffeine via Clooney?

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