A steep learning curve

“With so many reasons to avoid sex, whether it be long days working and longer nights with the baby, and so many alternatives at my finger-tips, it can be tempting to neglect this area of life under false pretences and disappear down a digital rabbit-hole.” Loki learns to cope (and with himself) in the third part of his diary.

Fatherhood fears

In the second extract from his diary, Loki reflects on his fears of being a Dad but getting closer to his own parents. “Intimate relationships are very challenging and the feelings of vulnerability are overwhelming at times….In my parents I see the two extremes of what I am capable of.”

A dad’s first baby diary: the annunciation

“I grew up in an environment where parental figures were under a lot of pressure and stress. In fact, many difficulties of childhood came as a direct result of our collective inability to express and manage emotions.” In the first extract from an occasional diary, Loki reflects on becoming a new parent – and on his own boyhood.

Diary of a social media junky

Social media all too often create a “cacophonous crescendo of confusion” among writers and audience alike. Loki, who’s sometimes sworn to go off it, takes a wry look at himself (and others) as he reaches out to the “community” (?) via tweets and FB posts and the like.

The Sun, the SNP and a new Scotland

Politicians are in the game of professional cynicism, argues Loki in his latest philippic. Posing with and for The Sun goes with the territory. Yet we were promised a new politics in Scotland, not the same old kowtowing to lobbies. The SNP needs to keep its radical fire-power.

Inequality and mental illness: boxed in

The Scottish Government has given a few extra millions to mental health services but ministers know rising mental health illness is linked to poverty and inequality and do nothing to tackle these. Time for civil society to step up to the plate.