Marching on Holyrood

But the only cloud gathering on this golden occasion was one of dark doubt, not about the utter commitment of those who spoke, but whether they, or anyone else, had the power or strategy to outdo Canute and halt the inexorable tide bearing the UK out of the EU.

You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone

“Behind this current, impoverishing turmoil lurks a similar, equally certain idea of English identity that’s clearly contradicted and compromised by the ideals of the EU. It may be that this sense of identity sees shame in accepting the need to collaborate internationally…”

Still time for MPs to overturn Brexit

“Had the referendum been a court case, there would surely be a re-trial scheduled already.” The public was singularly ill-informed when it went to the poills in the June 23 EU referendum. Time for MPOs to reassert the primacy of parliamentary democracy.

Mere anarchy is loosed upon the UK

The collapse of the UK is upon us in the wake of the EU referendum result and pending Brexit. Leave’s populist campaign backed by braying tabloids and a cowardly BBC has caused a debacle – compared with the calm pluralism of Scottish politics.

Euref: beyond national identity

Six weeks to the Brexit poll and another test of constitutional and identity political feeling. Facts and logic may play a role but our sense of who we are will be decisive. And what we fear about the wider world.