Never a good time to call #indyref2 but…

“So, why should leaders of the SNP be exempt from a bout of passion, especially if loads of their supporters are keen, see it as a last opportunity for decades, and hope that they can change some minds during the next campaign?”

SG holistic education policy: success or failure?

“In terms of the effect of attainment strategies on future university entry, we can say that the SG expects substantial results from schools in 10 years and from its expanded childcare provision (to vulnerable 2 year olds) in 15 years. As described, this does not seem like a holistic or joined-up policy anymore, because it involves a gap, between the effect of one policy on another, so large that it seems unreasonable to link the two together.”

A toothless Holyrood gains a molar

“The implicit argument that the Scottish Parliament would be just as crap in an independent Scotland as it is now and almost no-one cares is poor. Or, to put it in terms of the standard of partisan debate on twitter: shitey whataboutery might make you feel good in a tweet, but it won’t win you any votes in the next referendum.” Nicola listened: an update!

Heart and soul: Scotland and Sturgeon

Scotland’s First Minister loves Cilla, Kate Bush and Simon Le Bon. But, while a year after replacing Alex Salmond her high standing is unassailed, what has her government really achieved – and what does she want to do with her power?