The SNP’s conservative agenda

“As in 2015, the main slogan is ‘Stronger for Scotland’. The manifesto repeats the trick of running this alongside a tartanised version of the famous green leather seats in the House of Commons.” “In fact, the expected Conservative majority would mean strong SNP numbers have practically no impact on this area” (health spend).

Brexit puts Scottish indy back in play

SNP supporters on 2015 election night

#Brexit changes everything. No voters from 2014 are switching to Yes. Independence is back on the cards. Or is it? Is the First Minister’s caution right and proper? Quebec 1995 looms over Holyrood as much as #EUref 2016.

Corbyn has no solution for Scottish Labour

Dundee probably hasn’t seen the like since the independence referendum. The university’s main lecture hall was full to the point that the organisers had to open a large over-spill room to cope with everyone. According to one report, 700 people had come along for the evening, myself included – typical of what has been happening […]