The Suppliant Women: a drama for our time

Two and a half thousand years old, the tale first written by Aeschylus could hardly be more topical. Themes of democracy, citizenship, rights of women (and wrongs of men) weave through the rhythmic text, in words sung and spoken. As Britain teeters on the edge of a divisive Brexit, feeding fears of migrants and foreigners, Greig’s script evokes the human plight of refugees – and the dilemma of the host country.

Scotland’s EU outlook worsens as indy options narrow

“In meetings of the Council of Ministers, insiders say that no one now listens when UK representatives talk. The UK still has a vote – but without good allies in other member states to work with on blocking or promoting decisions, the UK’s and Scotland’s interests are already not being protected in the EU.” So, #indyref2 in early 2017 is the only answer, First Minister?

Sturgeon’s lonely decision on #indyref2

“Nicola Sturgeon’s decision on the timing of the independence referendum is likely to be the most important of her leadership. If she gets it right her place in Scottish history is assured but if she gets it wrong her time as First Minster would be over. It can be very lonely at the top.”

Toxic referendums and territorial constitutions

“People often talk about federalism as if it were a solution for the UK. In truth the UK is already moving beyond it, to a more confederal solution. But a confederation needs policies and institutions of shared rule, as well as self-rule.” Prof Gallagher sets out his own ideas in a piece based on his lecture at Glasgow University on October 10.

Nobel physicists could revolutionalise computing

It might take between ten and 30 years before scientists become sufficiently good at manipulating electrons to make quantum computing possible…They could simulate the formation of molecules, for example, which is numerically too complicated for today’s computers. This could revolutionise drug research by enabling us to predict what will happen during chemical processes in the body. Nobel physicists point the way.

Canny tactics or Brexishambles?

“Brexit may well mean Brexit, as our leaders are fond of telling us, but there is much more to it than waving goodbye. There are good tactical reasons not to trigger Article 50 immediately, but if a more coherent way forward is not forthcoming soon, the process risks becoming a shambles.”

Brexit: no easy way out

“Scotland voted decisively to Remain, England to Leave. Their interests do not coincide.” In the second of our podcasts three leading experts from the David Hume Institute discuss the implications – and examine what Scotland’s options are.