The German (and European) violence challenge

The German chancellor has insisted there will be no change to her country’s policy towards immigration and refugees. “We can manage our historic task – and this is a historic test in times of globalisation – just as we’ve managed so much already, we can manage it.” But the task is daunting and not just for Germans.

Ooh la la! The myth of the sexy French

“Each country’s culture perpetuates myths about its closest rivals that often have no basis in reality and which puzzle those from elsewhere”, says the author as she examines the origins of why we always talk of “French kissing/pox” etc. (While they talk of le vice anglais, filer à l’anglaise…)

Strange death of Labour – and the SNP?

Where do radical reformist voters go these days? Labour is a spent force – and the re-election of Jeremy Corbyn will not bring with it a policy agenda worthy of the name. Here a SNP voter laments this and the fact that the SNP lacks reforming zeal. So far.

Are we really more European?

Judging by the referendum result, it may seem obvious that Scots are more European than their neighbours to the south but the binary choice in a referendum masks a more complex picture.

Boris: Don Quixote reincarnated

On reading newspapers in English and French while lazing by the pool or in the cafe – and turning to Cervantes and his rueful knight who bears an uncanny resemblance in his manners to arch-Brexiteer and new foreign secretary BoJo.