No rush to Brexit – or to #indyref2

“Threatening a second constitutional crisis would not help us resolve the one we already have,” the author argues, pointing out that the EU referendum has solved little or nothing – and a second referendum on Scottish independence would solve even less.

Mere anarchy is loosed upon the UK

The collapse of the UK is upon us in the wake of the EU referendum result and pending Brexit. Leave’s populist campaign backed by braying tabloids and a cowardly BBC has caused a debacle – compared with the calm pluralism of Scottish politics.

Where now Scotia: EU or UK?

As the UK descends into extraordinary political and economic chaos, with no political leadership visible anywhere in Westminster, what are the options for Scotland to stay in the European Union or at least as integrated with it as possible?

Holyrood can’t veto Brexit

There is a strong sense in Scotland that the EU referendum result can be challenged here if Holyrood refuses to give its consent to repealing laws binding the country and UK to Europe. But that may well be untrue. A constitutional law expert examines the case.

The Lady in Red

Scotland has spoken. We don’t want to leave the EU and why should we? Go on yersel, England, into your cod Shakespearean tragedy. I’m with Nicola.

Yes to indy Scotland in EU, No to Little England

The case for an independent Scotland within the EU just got far stronger. In an updated version of a piece written the morning news of the win for Leave broke, the author explains why he’s switching his vote for #indyref2 – and why the economic case is improved.

Brexit puts Scottish indy back in play

SNP supporters on 2015 election night

#Brexit changes everything. No voters from 2014 are switching to Yes. Independence is back on the cards. Or is it? Is the First Minister’s caution right and proper? Quebec 1995 looms over Holyrood as much as #EUref 2016.