Closing the gap via self-directed schools

Charitable trusts would take over East Lothian schools under the author’s plan seven years ago. The idea came to nought. Avoiding the English academy model to close the attainment gap, Prof Ledingham proposes 50 prototype self-directed schools. Here he sets out his plan.

Diary of a social media junky

Social media all too often create a “cacophonous crescendo of confusion” among writers and audience alike. Loki, who’s sometimes sworn to go off it, takes a wry look at himself (and others) as he reaches out to the “community” (?) via tweets and FB posts and the like.

Scotland’s economy in the EU

Scottish voters will supposedly deliver a resounding vote for Remain in the June 23 referendum on UK membership of the EU. Yet, a leading economist reveals, the country’s economy is not as positively integrated in Europe as its people.

Toxic Tories kept in the attic

Ruth Davidson and her 30 MSPs are smiling. But the Tories are not yet secure as the main opposition party. Having fought off the LibDems for third place in the early years of devolution, they have still to convincingly replace Labour as Scotland’s second party.

Euref: beyond national identity

Six weeks to the Brexit poll and another test of constitutional and identity political feeling. Facts and logic may play a role but our sense of who we are will be decisive. And what we fear about the wider world.