Paris Commune: transcendence of nationalism

In the second of an occasional series looking at the lively contemporary ‘postcapitalism’ debate about possibilities for a viable alternative to the current economic order, Justin Reynolds reviews a book charting the continued influence of a bold, brief-lived experiment that took place 145 years in the heart of a major European city.

Not the news where you are

The campaign for a Scottish Six TV news broadcast is gathering steam and figuring in the Holyrood election debates. One reason is the wilful ignoring of Scottish election news/views by London-based media. Here two Cardiff academics highlight the election news deficit in Wales.

Kert-wheeling alleluias

Never mind the meaning, sense the soundscape: dipping into the newly published Best Scottish Poems 2015, Fay Young gives up herself up to the rich world of sound via Edinburgh’s Shetlandic makar, Christine De Luca.