Home thoughts by homeless young people

We think of the poor and vulnerable, especially those on the streets or in refugee camps, at this season. The Rock Trust does this all year round for the young homeless in Scotland’s capital city. Here a couple of young people say in poetry what home and, maybe, hope mean for them.

Sunset song for winter solstice

Even in the turbulent days of global warming the Winter Solstice is a turning point towards the light. Poets, as here George Mackay Brown, celebrate “the pale sun” and fire and ice as “we push the old year back against the wall” (Johnny Cunningham) and look to the Spring.

Tartan Teflon no more?

The SNP looks set to be swept back to government in May with another absolute majority. But its performance at Holyrood is coming under growing critical examination. Even so, nothing dents its supremacy among voters. Why? And is the tide likely to turn?

Scotland, Brexit and Indyref2

Will England or Scotland determine the outcome of the UK referendum on our European Union membership? Scotland, together with Northern Ireland and Wales, might keep a reluctant England in. Equally, a strong ‘leave’ vote in England could drag the other nations out of the EU.