When public is personal

Light shines through the banner so that you have to stand back and take time to read the words printed in white. Big words. Spiral, by Elizabeth Burns, is “perhaps the UK’s largest printed poem”, and here it hangs, stirring slightly in the breeze on a building site in Edinburgh’s Royal Mile.

Taking a share in Scotland’s solar future


Solar firms are under severe pressure with two solar panel firms going out of business in as many days with hundreds of job losses because of UK Government subsidy cuts. A new Edinburgh-based not-for-profit community project is bucking the trend, its chairman reports.

That £350m Anglian Water contract: what lies behind it

The Scottish Government has finally (see Lucy Hunter Blackburn here) decided to award a £350m contract to run aspects of the provision of water to public bodies/non-domestic customers to Anglian Water, a controversial privately-owned firm based in Huntingdon. The decision has unleashed a storm of protest – not least because ministers are NOT bound b y EU rules as they claim.