Constitutional generosity is only way forward

A year on from the referendum Scotland remains a deeply divided nation. A revised and expanded Scotland Bill giving the Scottish Government powers to build a socially more just society within a unitary British state – the third unused option last year – could settle matters “for a generation.”

Power and identity in island communities

The Scottish Government is planning legislation to enshrine a “national islands plan” to empower island communities. But (some) Shetlanders say this doesn’t go far enough and prefer to go it alone – even quit the EU too. Ironies abound.

Scotland could save Cameron’s EU bacon

If England says No to the EU and Scotland votes Yes to Europe, so it goes, then #indyref2 and a revitalised “independence in Europe” will come as night follows day. But Scots are as passionately pro-EU as it’s claimed they could swing the referendum – and keep the UK in…

Missed chance to break up big banks

The Competition Commission has missed a trick with its refusal to countenance a break-up of big banks despite powerful evidence of the lack of real competition in the retail market. The situation is even worse in Scotland than in rUK. What’s to be done?

Brussels and the Left’s delusionary Brexit strategy

Parts of the British Left are openly flirting with campaigning to quit the EU. The SNP is planning its own “upbeat” campaign to stay in. But these divisions on the social democratic/socialist Left simply buttress the forces of darkness: the very unaccountable corporatism both wish to confront.