Bold Reekie: a poetry slam with a difference

Big words, bigger picture, fine detail. A grand scheme for poetry writ large on a scaffolding banner on a building site in Edinburgh’s Canongate reveals the more adventurous side of the capital city. If you hurry – and I type faster – you might just be in time to vote for whose words adorn the site.

Osborne’s nuclear nonsense economics

George Osborne has been in China offering taxpayers’ money to subsidise its entry into the UK energy sector with French state-owned EDF while slashing incentives for efficient, clean renewables, many of them based in Scotland. So much for his sound economics.

Reshoring Scotland: the case for a manufacturing revival

In announcing her Programme for Government at the start of this month, the First Minister committed to publishing a Manufacturing Action Plan for Scotland in the autumn. But it begs the question: what does manufacturing require that isn’t already covered in the lengthy Government Economic Strategy published only six months ago?