The SNP’s fighting 56 could end up feeble

It was 27 years ago when the Jim Sillars, flush from winning the Govan by-election for the SNP, taunted Scottish Labour MPs for being the ‘feeble fifty’, unable to defend Scotland against the excesses of Thatcherism. As the Westminster parliament begins its summer recess, we can reflect on what, if anything, the 56 SNP MPs have been able to achieve.

Greece: the terror and the pity

We are witnessing politics at its most brutal and Hobbesian. Though we may cry out for pity it feels like there is precious little room for it in the committee rooms of Berlin and Brussels, where narrow, short-term national interests continue to dominate decision-making. What lessons can we learn from this? Perhaps none that is likely to be of much help in the short-term, but some that it would be useful to pay attention to in the difficult years ahead.