Kilts and gilts and Scottish debt

The Scottish Government can now, as of April 1, raise its own debt – via bonds or ‘kilts’ as they’re known. But there’s been no fanfare so far and no evidence the government wants to use this new power.

The Light Streams In

This week’s Poem of the Moment, courtesy of Scottish Poetry Library, brings a welcome flash of spring sunshine. In a country still rocked by political aftershocks, there’s relief in the imagery of The Light Streams In, though not without ambiguity – which also suits the Scottish climate.

Scottish politics and the English language

A few years ago, the word Scotland meant more or less the same for most Scots. Today two Scots might use the same word but have two entirely different things in mind. An opinion piece by German linguist Regina Erich on the use – and abuse – of language.

The end of the Union?

Tom Devine considers the Scottish political landscape after the rout of unionist parties and re-examines the “Scottish Question” en route to an uncertain future.

No forelock-tuggers in parliament please

‘You campaign in poetry; you govern in prose,’ as the late former New York governor Mario Cuomo famously put it. A cynic might say the UK general election campaign has produced no poetry and precious little decent prose. But we’re not cynical. From today, thanks to the Scottish Poetry Library, we are delighted to add a new dimension to Sceptical Scot and it will be pure poetry. Though not necessarily free from politics.